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Vitamin Shots in Farmers Branch, Dallas, TX

Vitamin Shots in Dallas and Grapevine

Vitamin Shots in Dallas and Grapevine: Core Integrative Health provides vitamin shots to clients for a variety of reasons. Vitamins are one of the safest, most non-invasive ways to provide the body with nutrients as well as to enhance the body’s weight loss efforts. Vitamins can increase metabolism, provide energy boosts, and help the body metabolize fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Benefits to Receiving Vitamin Shots at Core Integrative Health

Vitamin shots are injections that contain a cocktail of vitamins which allow for full absorption of the nutrients. Compared to vitamins taken orally, vitamin shots allow the human body to utilize 100% of the nutrients since they vitamins are administered directly into the bloodstream. Vitamin shots are also beneficial in treating stress, fatigue, cardiovascular disease and obesity.

When it comes to losing weight, these shots are made up of a variety of different vitamins that help the body to utilize the fat that is part of daily food consumption when the shot is introduced to the body. Patients will initially notice that the body’s ability to metabolize fat improves. This burning of calories may result in a decrease in weight. Patients should also feel more energized, which will assist with more productive exercise.

Lipo-B12 Shots Offered at Our Facility

Lipotropic shots are supplements that are used for fat loss. They also help to boost a patient’s metabolism, increase energy in a patient, and help to burn fat at a quicker rate. The intent is for lipotropic shots to complement other aspects of a weight loss. The lipotropic shots provided at Core Integrative Health contain the B12 vitamin as their base treatment.


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