Core Integrative Health

I came in with my hips dislocated, I have been feeling a lot better with full completion of life more energy to get up and go to work and get my day going.

V. H.

I came into the office because I couldn’t even walk and now with this first visit I can walk better and I can bend over and walk.

O. P.

I came into the clinic because I had a sharp pain on my waist. The first week I had a lot of pain but after various days the pain started to go away. Little by little I feel so much better thanks to those doctors!

P. O.

I came into the clinic because I had lower back pain and shoulder pain. Now I feel so much better and relief since coming to this clinic.

A. E.

I had pain on my left and right shoulder. When I got there the personal was nice and the doctors as well. I explained my pain to the doctor, and I got x-rays taken. The doctor explained the root of my problem. The treatment is worth it for our own health. With the therapy I have felt better my shoulder is better, I can sleep at night I do not wake up anymore with any kind of pain I am getting better.

I. L.

I came into the clinic because I had a sharp pain in my left knee. I got the Treatment and on the second month the pain went away and till this day I am feeling good. From February to April no kind of pain at all.

D. S.

I came into the clinic because I was feeling a lot of pain on my knees, but when I got here to the clinic I got a treatment. Since that day I started feeling better. I got treatment 3 months ago and I feel so much better I sincerely recommend Core Integrative Health.

A. B.
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