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The orgasm shot is available for those struggling with decreased sex drive, sexual dysfunction, inability to orgasm and urinary incontinence. We provide discreet and confidential care for lasting results that you will love. The procedure is a safe and effective solution for vaginal rejuvenation. Our Grapevine and Dallas medical clinics understand women’s health and the fact that sexual dysfunction can greatly impact relationships and your general well-being. There is no reason for you to deny yourself any longer!  Our medical team is here for you.

The shot rejuvenates vaginal tissue to increase sexual arousal. Women report that after the procedure and protocol, they experience increased desire, sensitivity and satisfaction. Every woman’s needs and experience will vary and we are happy to discuss options for you!

Orgasm Rejuvenation at Core Integrative Health

Vaginal Rejuvenation Shot in Dallas, Pleasant Grove, Grapevine: Core Integrative Health provides the shot using platelet rich plasma (PRP) from your own blood for the regeneration of aged and damaged tissue.  PRP from your blood draw is injected in numbed areas with very little to no discomfort. Shots are all natural, effective and result in vaginal rejuvenation for improved sexual satisfaction. Women report that the shots have improved their lives in many ways!

• greater arousal
• vaginal appearance
• stronger orgasm
• painful intercourse benefits
• lubrication benefits
• urinary benefits

Partner Options

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